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What's the difference between all plans?
What's the difference between all plans?
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You can use ClockAssist in two ways

  1. As a memory-aid within your project software

  2. Track time in our web portal with an export to your project software

In both cases your time logs end up in your project software.

Memory-aid in project software

Our Free and Starter plans are both a memory-aid within your project software.

Track time within web portal

Our Premium plans allows you to track your time within our web portal. You can connect to your project software, after which it will export the tracked time.

Difference between Free and Starter

There are some small differences between Free and Starter. Our Free plans have a limited look-back history of 8 hours. The Starter-plan has a look-back history of 1 month.

Also, the Premium plan has some more functionality, including the marking of booked time and the ability to match activity to your clients.

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