Installing ClockAssist
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ClockAssist consists of various software components that together provide a comprehensive overview of the workday. The most important ones are the desktop app and browser extension.

Desktop apps

Windows MSI Installer
This installer requires administrator rights on the computer and installs the desktop app for all users on the computer/server environment.

Windows Standard Installer
This installer does not require administrator rights and installs the desktop app in the user's AppData directory.

MacOS Installer

Users can install ClockAssist themselves using our MacOS-installer.

Autostart on login

Registry-keys are automatically generated after the first launch of the desktop-app in order to launch the desktop-app after logging in. Whenever this has been disbabled, this will have to be enabled manually.


After logging in to the desktop-apps for the first time, the user will be prompted to install our browser-extension. Whenever they don't have the permissions to do so, they'll need to be installed beforehand.

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