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MacOS missing activity / permissions
MacOS missing activity / permissions
Updated over a week ago

App permissions

The most common issue with the MacOS-app is that we're missing permissions that we need in order to function. It's required to grant these two permissions:

1. Accessibility

Navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security > Accessibility and make sure that ClockAssist is enabled.

2. Automation

Navigate to Settings > Privacy & Security > Automation and make sure that all checkboxes within the ClockAssist-dropdown are enabled.

Browser extensions

In order to track activity within your webbrowsers, our browser-extension need to be installed and initialised. It's required to install our browser-extension to every webbrowser that you want ClockAssist to track.

Safari permissions

Within Safari, you have to grant the ClockAssist add-on to all webpages. This is required so we can track what online software tools you're using and for what clients.

Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > ClockAssist and click the 'Allow on every website' button.

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