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Personal Training & Onboarding
Personal Training & Onboarding
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ClockAssist offers a training / onboarding program for companies to implement and get started with ClockAssist as seamless as possible. Our team guides you personally to make sure that everything is working as intedend before providing your team with a personal onboarding / training.


Base rate of $250,- excl. vat with subsequent $25,- excl. vat. per user. Too expensive? You can always sign up to our free QuickStart Webinar instead.

Step 1: Installation / implementation

Before we get started, we make sure that ClockAssist is installed correctly to the computers of your team / server environment. We'll check that everything is in order before we continue.

Step 2: Connect to project software / crm

When applicable, we help connect ClockAssist to your project software / crm so all time that users track is exported to your project software.

Step 3: Validation

Before the kickoff, we check if the software is installed correctly, the connection to your project software is working and all the users are ready to go.

Step 4: Kickoff

We plan an online meeting in which we get the users up to speed with ClockAssist. All the software and integrations should be ready to go so they can get started immediately.

Step 5: Q&A

After a couple of days using ClockAssist, we plan a online Q&A session in which users can ask their questions if there are any.

Request training / onboarding

If you would like to book our training / onboarding, please contact us at

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