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Basic information
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Note: For the Free/Starter packages, no integration is required with your CRM/project management software.

If you use the Premium package, you can track time within the ClockAssist web portal. By linking ClockAssist to your CRM/project management software, this can be done on your existing contacts/projects, and registered hours will be synchronized to your existing software.

Client recognition

After connecting ClockAssist to your project software, we'll try to match activity to your clients. This makes the listed activity even more powerfull to base your timelogs uppon.

Import projects / hourtypes

You'll be able to book time to the projects and hourtypes that you have within your project software / crm. So no need to import clients, projects, etc...

Export time logs

Time that you've tracked within ClockAssist can automatically be exported to your project software / crm. So no need to retype!

Questions? Contact us.

Unsure if you should connect ClockAssist to your project software? Start a chat with us.

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