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Get started with ClockAssist
Quickstart Free / Starter (video)
Quickstart Free / Starter (video)
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Get started

It is very simple and quick to get started with ClockAssist Free/Starter. It only requires the installation of our browser extension.

Essentially, this browser extension maps your online activity and presents it as a memory aid within your existing CRM/project management software.

​Enable integrations

If you want to capture more than just online activity, you can activate multiple integrations. Among these, you can install our desktop app, which maps activity outside the web browser. Integration overview.

Need help to get started?

You can sign up for a free webinar in order to get started as seamlessly as posible. You can also sign up for a paid implementation of ClockAssist for your company.

Have a system administrator?

If you have a system administrator that needs to install ClockAssist for you, you can refer them to our technical documentation which contains all the information they need.

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